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The Gripsholm Castle at Midnight

I’m overwhelmed by the response on my last upload, picturing The Stockholm Town hall. It’s a picture that’s been on my list of captures I wanted to make for a long time. Last summer the conditions where perfect so I was lucky to pull it off. I’m very proud of that HDR and consider it to be one of my best. Here is another one that I had on my list for a long time, The Gripsholm Castle at night. This reflection requires perfect wind still and one night in July last year it happened and I jumped into my car and drove to Mariefred and found this magnificent view. The 5 exposures are captured around midnight. The longest exposure (+4) is 16 minutes so the mosquitoes where quite happy to feast on me while I was waiting. But the ducks where quite unhappy with me because I occupied the pier there they had their night rest. They where angrily swimming around in the foreground but because of the longtime exposures they did not spoil my HDR.

The Gripsholm Castle captured around midnight on perfect wind still night in July 2011. This HDR has been on my list of pictures I wanted to capture for a long time. Last summer I eventually found the right conditions to make it happen.

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The Town Hall of Stockholm in the Blue Hour

I been absent from this blog for a long time now. I have to apologize for this but I been very busy with new work and other issues. I cannot promise I will return with regular posting. But I have lots of pictures I would like to share with you and I will try to show up here as often as I have spare time.

This HDR I’m especially proud of. It’s been on my list of pictures I would like to capture and on a wonderful night in July this year the conditions were perfect to make it happen. The subject itself needs no presentation, it’s the most iconic building in Stockholm and probably the most iconic in the whole of Sweden. It’s the masterpiece of the successful Swedish architect Ragnar Östberg, built in national romanticism style and inaugurated on the Midsummer Eve 1923. The Town Hall does not only house the city council of Stockholm, it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Sweden. But maybe the Town Hall is mostly known as the host of the Nobel Prize banquet. In Sweden this banquet is known as the banquet and not surprisingly I was not invited this year as I never have been invited. So I have to enjoy this spectacle from the TV. However I thought it was a perfect day to share this picture with you today, the day of the Nobel Prize.

The Town Hall of Stockholm viewed from Riddarholmen, captured in the blue hour.


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The Museum of Labor at the Blue Hour

It’s about time to blow some life into this blog again! The break became longer than it was first intended to be. But it was well needed and now I have got inspiration and energy back to post here regularly again. Maybe not on a daily basis, but I will at least post a couple or more pictures a week. First out is another one I found in my archives. I captured it in May last year. It’s the Museum of Labor in Norrköping at the blue hour. The building, also known as Strykjärnet (The Flatiron), once hosted one of Norrköping’s many textile industries. This industrial era ended a long time ago but the buildings are preserved and are used for different purposes now. The Flatiron has also been named “the most beautiful industrial building in Sweden” by the well known sculptor Carl Milles.

Strykjärnet (The Flatiron) in Norrköping captured at the blue hour. This old industrial building once was the home of textile industry in Norrköping now it hosts the museum of labor.


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This blog have a rest for the remainder of this week. I need a break to get my inspiration back. So this will be the only HDR this week. It’s from my archives, a picture I took in Söderköping last spring. Söderköping is a very picturesque small town in Östergötland, Sweden, just south of Norrköping. The capture is made a couple of hours before sunset, IMO the perfect time to capture beautiful pictures. See you next week!

A view from Söderköping, Sweden. The building in the middle is the old town hall.

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S/S Orion

Getting tired of steamships? Just one more! Tomorrow I promise to post something completely different. THis is the steamship S/S Orion anchored at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. S/S Orion was built at Helsingborgs Varfs AB in 1929. She served as a salvage and pilot ship for the Swedish Maritime Administration. In 1979 she was decommissioned and since 1993 she’s a museum ship anchored at Skeppsholmen. In the background you can see the National Museum of Fine Arts catching the early sunrise on a magic summer morning in Stockholm.

The steamship S/S Orion anchored at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.  You can find out more about this ship at my blog!

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S/S Blidösund

Today we look a little bit closer on the beautiful steamship S/S Blidösund that lays anchored at in the glassy water at Skeppsbron and enjoys the early sunrise on a wonderful summer morning.

The steamships S/S Blidösund and S/S Saltsjön anchored at Skeppsbrokajen, Stockholm, at the sunrise.

In the early 1900 Waxholm New Steamships Company had almost monopoly in the regular steamboat traffic in the Stockholm archipelago. This in combination with increased demand of from summer guests to venture further out in to the archipelago lead to steadily rising fairs. In 1910 the residents of the islands Blidö and Yxlan had grown tired of this and started a rivaling company, Blidösundsbolaget. The steamship S/S Blidösund was ordered from Eriksbergs Mechanical Workshop in Gothenburg and on the the 4th of March 1911 she made her maiden voyage from Gothenburg to Stockholm. The start of the Blidösund route was also the start of a fierce battle with the Waxholm Company which would become known as the Blidö war. The longer the steamboat war went on, the more Stockholmers chose Blidösund over Waxholm.
In 1960, after years of losses, S/S Blidösund was taken out of service. She was left to decay and was plundered of much of her equipment. But in 1969 the steamboat enthusiasts Leif Rasmusson and Eric Jägeborg bought S/S Blidösund. The repair work started imediatly and on the 19th of June 1969 S/S Blidösund once again took its old route to Blidö and was welcomed by a mass of cheering. Today S/S Blidösund is the only genuine coal-fired steamboat in the archipelago. She travels her original route Stockholm-Norrtälje every weekend during summer. She also offers special music tours with so called steamship music as well as excursions into the outer islands of the archipelago.

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S/S Saltsjön

I saw the weather forecast for Stockholm, Thursday morning, and it looked to me that it would be perfect conditions for capturing some excellent pictures. I brewed some coffee, made som sandwiches as picnic and jumped into my car and drove the 80 km to Stockholm. I arrived just in time to capture a couple of blue hour shots before the sunrise. There where hardly no wind at all and then the sun begun to rise I knew it was more than worth the effort. It was a magic morning, perfect for capturing beautiful pictures. Who wants to sleep when such an opportunity shows up?

These two pictures were captured at Skepssgårdskajen. On the first one you can see the steamships S/S Saltsjön and S/S Blidösund and on the second one only S/S Saltsjön.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön catching the early sun at Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm. The steamship on the right side is S/S Blidösund.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön was built in 1925 by Eriksbergs Mechanical Workshop in Gothenburg for the Waxholms New Steamships company. She was mostly used on the routes Stockholm-Dalarö-Ornö-Utö and Stockholm-Öregrund. Since she also is ice-breaking, she also served the Stockholm-Vaxholm route in winter. In 1970 she was purchased by the Strömma Kanal company at an executive auction. The ship was given a well-needed renovation and a new name, S/S Björkfjärden.
In 1974 the engine suffered damage which left the ship unusable for three years until she was taken over by a group led by Torbjörn Svensson, which became Ångfartygs AB Saltsjön-Mälaren. In 1977-78 she underwent an extensive renovation of the steam engine and also a careful work of restoring the ship. In 1978, S/S Björkfärden could once again make her way out onto the waterways of the Stockholm archipelago, where she served the Stockholm-Björkö/Birka route from 1978 to 1983. In 1984-1993 she served the Stockholm – Vaxholm route, and in the spring of 1994 the ship regained her original name S/S Saltsjön. At the same time she returned to her original route Stockholm-Dalarö-Utö, as well as offering an exclusive series of expeditions in the Stockholm archipelago.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön catching the early sun at Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm.

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