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This blog have a rest for the remainder of this week. I need a break to get my inspiration back. So this will be the only HDR this week. It’s from my archives, a picture I took in Söderköping last spring. Söderköping is a very picturesque small town in Östergötland, Sweden, just south of Norrköping. The capture is made a couple of hours before sunset, IMO the perfect time to capture beautiful pictures. See you next week!

A view from Söderköping, Sweden. The building in the middle is the old town hall.

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Mariefreds Rådhus

Todays upload is a HDR-picture of Mariefreds Rådhus, Town hall in English, i captured during the celebration of Ångans dag last Saturday. The Town hall, built by architect Carl Johan Cronstedt in Gustavian style, was originally a gift from the king Gustav III to his court surgeon Lars Grubb.

Mariefreds Rådhus (Town Hall) during the celebration Ångans Dag (the Day of Steam) 2011.You can find out more about the Town Hall and the Day of Steam at my blog!

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