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Merry Christmas

It’s easy to forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Therefore I want to share a picture I captured in the beautiful Cathedral of my home town. It’s from the baptismal chapel inside the Cathedral. The polyptych behind the baptismal font is dedicated to Maria Magdalena.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

A capture from the baptismal chapel in the Strängnäs Cathedral. In the background you can see a polyptych dedicated to Maria Magdalena.

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Maria Magdalena church’s Organ loft

Today we turn around 180 degrees to view the beautiful gilded organ of Maria Magdalena church. The gray marble and gilded organ loft was designed in 1774 by the Swedish architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz. The organ itself was manufactured by Åkerman & Lund Orgelbyggeri AB in 1927 and reorganized 1950 by Einar Berg and has now 50 organ stops.
On yesterday’s second picture you can see a smaller organ on the south loft. This organ was manufactured in 1986 by Magnussons Orgelbyggeri AB and it has 30 organ stops.

The organ in the Maria Magdalena church, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Maria Magdalena church’s Altarpiece

Today’s HDR pictures are captured inside Maria Magdalena kyrka. On the first you can see the altarpiece and on the second a broader view from the middle of the church. Below the picture you can read a summary of the church’s and its parish’s history.

The altarpiece in the Maria Magdalena church, Stockholm, Sweden.

Aview from inside the Maria Magdalena church, Stockholm, Sweden.

The Maria Magdalena church is the oldest church at Södermalm, the south district of central Stockholm. The church’s early history is poorly documented but it’s known that in the early 1350’s the king Magnus Erikson, with the permission from the Pope, built a funeral chapel at the location of the present church. He dedicated this chapel to Mary Magdalene, Maria Magdalena in Swedish. This chapel was later destroyed after the protestant reformation in 1527. By order from King Gustav Vasa all churches, chapels and monasteries on the ridges surrounding Stockholm were destroyed. The reason for this was probably that enemies, loyal to the Danish King Christian II, had used the chapel for attacks against Stockholm.

The population in Södermalm grew rapidly in the late 1500’s but they did not have any church. King Johan III therefore decided to build a new church in the same location as the destroyed chapel. The construction of the new church started in 1588 but was halted after the King’s death in 1592. It was not until 1625 before the construction work was completed and the church was ready for services. In 1654 the population in Södermalm had grown so much that the parish was split in two, the eastern part formed the new Katarina’s parish, and the western part remained as Maria Magdalena’s parish. But it was not long before the Maria Magdalena church again was too small to accommodate all worshipers. The church was then enlarged two times in the later part of the 1600’s. The architects behind the original construction and the enlargements of the church in Baroque style were Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and his son Nicodemus Tessin the Younger.

In 1759 the church was destroyed along with 300 other buildings in Mariabranden, a large fire at Södermalm. Superintendent Carl Johan Cronstedt was commissioned to rebuild the church, a task he completed in 1763. The church’s exterior now got its present Rococo appearance except for the new tower spire that was not put in place until 1824. The church’s interior got present appearance a major renovation in 1926 under the supervision of the architect Lars Israel Wahlman. One year earlier the Maria Magdalena parish had been split in two when the new Högalid’s parish, with its newly built church, had been formed in the western part of Södermalm.

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Maria Magdalena kyrka

As many of you knew, the answer on yesterday’s quiz is Maria Magdalena kyrka located at Södermalm.

Södermalm, the south part of central Stockholm, has four parishes and we will visit three of those and their main churches in the Stockholm church walk part I. All these three churches have female names so lets call them the three beautiful ladies of Södermalm, Sofia, Katarina, and Maria Magdalena, We start with Maria Magdalena kyrka which is located near Slussen. By now you have probably figured out that kyrka is the Swedish name for church. In the next post we will have a look inside and I will also tell you a little about the history of Maria Magdalena kyrka.

A church in Stockholm. If you know its name and were it's located then you have the answer to the quiz on my blog! You may enter your answer here [Church walk in Stockholm: Quiz]

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