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Gotland, the favorite domestic holiday destination for Swedes

The island Gotland and especially the medieval town of Visby is a favourite holiday destination for Swedes and Stockholmers in particular. Thousands and thousands Stockholmers invade Gotland and Visby during the summer months. If you ever have visited Visby you will understand why this town is so popular. The old town inside the well preserved city wall is a very beautiful mix of old medieval buildings, ruins, picturesque small houses and green areas. Visby is also known as the city of roses and if you wander along the alleys you will easily know why. There are roses and flowers growing everywhere.

Visby has an old history, it is known to have been a centre of merchandise around 900 AD. It was inhabited as early as the stone age, probably because of the access to fresh water and a natural harbour. The town flourished from the 12th century as an important trading town in the German Hanseatic League. During this time a lot of churches where built of which not less than 13 remains as more or less preserved ruins. Visby is arguably the best preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another notable historical remains are the 3.4 km long city wall (Visby Ringmur) that encircles the town.

Visby can be reached by boat or airplane. There daily ferry routes from Nynäshamn och Oskarshamn and there are several air routes from Swedish airports. There are also air routes Germany and Norway during summer.

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