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The Gripsholm Castle at Midnight

I’m overwhelmed by the response on my last upload, picturing The Stockholm Town hall. It’s a picture that’s been on my list of captures I wanted to make for a long time. Last summer the conditions where perfect so I was lucky to pull it off. I’m very proud of that HDR and consider it to be one of my best. Here is another one that I had on my list for a long time, The Gripsholm Castle at night. This reflection requires perfect wind still and one night in July last year it happened and I jumped into my car and drove to Mariefred and found this magnificent view. The 5 exposures are captured around midnight. The longest exposure (+4) is 16 minutes so the mosquitoes where quite happy to feast on me while I was waiting. But the ducks where quite unhappy with me because I occupied the pier there they had their night rest. They where angrily swimming around in the foreground but because of the longtime exposures they did not spoil my HDR.

The Gripsholm Castle captured around midnight on perfect wind still night in July 2011. This HDR has been on my list of pictures I wanted to capture for a long time. Last summer I eventually found the right conditions to make it happen.

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Fortress Sweden?

This is the mighty and the impregnable Fortress Sweden! LOL…….. No, it’s rather a cute little wooden sculpture of a fortress made out of a tree stump. It can be found in the gardens at Taxinge Castle in Nykvarn municipality, Stockholm county, and provides a popular playground for small children. The Swedish flag is a suitable decoration for todays HDR-photo since we celebrate the most popular holiday in our country today, Midsummer eve! GLAD MIDSOMMAR!!!!!!!

A small fortress made out of a tree stump, can be found in the gardens at Taxinge Castle, Nykvarn, Stockhol County.

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