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Café Blå Katten

Today I share a HDR-picture of the picturesque café Blå Katten (the Blue Cat) in Mariefred.

Kafé Blå Katten (Café the Blue Cat) in Mariefred, Sweden.

Competition for the best picture! I took this HDR-picture at Ångans Dag (the Day of Steam) in Mariefred last Saturday. How has the best position for the perfect capture? The lady in the colorful dress or me?

<Musikkåren playing and being photographed at Rådhustorget (the Town hall Square) in Mariefred on Ångans Dag (the Day of Steam) 2011.


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Another picturesque view from Strandgatan in medieval Visby, the Inn Lindgården, Värdshuset Lindgården in Swedish. Here you can enjoy a cuisine with a focus on local commodities. Maybe have a special Gotland menu in the beautiful garden, exclusive and expensive. But the view is for free and I think this house is an excellent subject for HDR-photography. A lot of colorful details that come out beautifully on the gray background.

The Inn (Värdshuset) Lindgården In Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

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How about some Beer???

The finest beer is that which is brewed locally. On the pubs and restaurants around Visby you can enjoy a Wisby Klosteröl (Wisby Abbey beer), a Wisby Weisse or a Wisby Pils. All of these beers are brewed at Gotlands Bryggeri AB, a local micro brewery that been in business since 1995 in this building. If you don’t like beer you can always enjoy this beautiful building at Sankt Hansgatan in medieval Visby. The building is not only beautiful, it has a long history and already 1855 beer was brewed here.

The Brewery of Gotland (Gotlands Bryggeri in Swedish) is a micro brewery that was opened in 1995. Micro breweries have become very popular in Sweden in contrast to the large multinational brewing groups. You can find these kinds of small breweries in most cities in Sweden now. Among Gotlands Bryggeris product list you can find Wisby Klosteröl (Wisby Abbey beer), Wisby Weisse and Wisby Pils. The building of Gotlands Bryggeri has an old tradition of brewing beer. It was earlier used by a local brewery between 1855 -1909.

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