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Fishing men at Smörtorget

I’m not 100 % sure what this park is called now but it used to be Smörtorget, the Butter Square. A long time ago this was a lively marketplace and also the harbour for ships traveling the Eskilstuna river with goods. But it’s a long time ago since there any ships were seen here. It was before I was born I only saw them on old pictures. Now it seems to be a good place for fishing. The building in the background, with the corner tower, is in my opinion one of the most beautiful buildings in Eskilstuna. It used to be a very popular pub here but now it’s closed. I don’t remember when it closed but not as long ago as the ships stopped arriving here. I remember because I’ve been at this pub many times. At least I remember arriving at this pub many times. 🙂

Fishing men at Smörtorget in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

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Eskilstuna’s Town Hall

This HDR- picture of the Town Hall in Eskilstuna I captured a year ago. I was archiving my old raw files on my laptop and found some good stuff I haven’t shared yet. I guess I was not 100 % pleased with the result and wanted to shoot it again under better conditions. But this did not happen so I show it to you now. I post some of the oldies I found in the coming weeks.

The Town Hall in Eskilstuna viewed from Fristadstorget.

In 1890 August Stålberg, the chairman of the city council, came up with the idea that Eskilstuna needed a Town Hall. Five years later the blueprints of the Town Hall was approved. The new building, located in Fristaden, originally housed not only the town council but also the police office, the fire department, the local savings and loans, and the telegraph. The new Town Hall was inaugurated in 1897. In the 1910’s when the administration of the city council grew the other businesses had to leave the building. In the 1940’s the Town Hall was radically rebuilt. For instance the corner towers on the building was removed which I think is a great shame. I’ve seen old pictures of the Town Hall, how it looked in the beginning of the century, and it was much more beautiful with the towers!

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Guds hand

Carl Milles sculpture Guds hand, God’s hand in English, can be seen on many places in the world. Tokyo, Melbourne, Beijing and Millesgården at Lidingö is a few example of cities where you can see God’s hand. But the original sculpture stands in the city park of Eskilstuna. Carl Milles, a Swedish sculptor best known for his fountains, had his own left hand as role model for this sculpture. He said that the hand, more than any other body part, spoke about the character of a man.

Carl Milles sculpture Guds hand, God's hand, at the city park in Eskilstuna. You can fid out more about Carl Milles and God's hand at my blog.

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Midsummer eve is probably the most popular holiday in Sweden. It’s celebrated at the hight of the summer when the days is as longest and the night is as shortest. The midsummer pole is decorated with leafs, flowers ans Swedish flags, then it’s erected and traditional dances are danced around it. according to tradition you should collect seven types of flowers and put them under your pillow before you go to sleep. Your beloved will come to you in your sleep, if you’re not already married the person you will marry in the future is the one you will meet in your dream.

This is a HDR-picture from the midsummer celebration at Sundbyholms slott, north of Eskilstuna.

Traditional Swedish midsummer celebration with dancing around the midsummer pole at Sundbyholms Castle in Eskilstuna.

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My favorite time for shooting pictures is the hours before sunset, the Golden Hour. The low light beautifully iluminate and colors everything in its way in golden golors and tones. The sky has a very nice light blue color at this time and if there’s any clouds in the skay they are very beautiful too.

A view from Eskilstuna some hours before sunset. The obelisk standing in the fountain is called Profilen and the church in the background is Kloster kyrka.

This HDR-picture is captured at Nybroplan in Eskilstuna, the town where I was born and lived for 30 years. The obelisk in the fountain is called Profilen, the Profile, because every section of it is a relief of a human face in profile. The fountain also contains 6 bronze urns and several figures that symbolise the history of Eskilstuna. In the background you can see Kloster kyrka. Kloster kyrka is somtimes is nicknamed “Sweden’s last cathedral” since it’s the largest church built, in Nordic contries, in modern time. Despite its size and the two towers it’s not a cathedral. The cathedral of the diocese is located in Strängnäs.

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