The Church of Oscar from inside

19 Aug

Like I mentioned earlier I believe that the Church of Oscar looks better from the outside than from the inside. But still it’s a nice church inside. Maybe my opinion is a little influenced by the fact that I found these HDR-pictures very difficult to process. I can’t get them to look the way I want them to and I’m not very pleased with the colors in them. But I show some of them anyway, nobody is perfect and especially not me. Below the picture you can read a little about the changes to this church interior through the years.

A look inside the Church of Oscar at Östermalm, Stockholm.

Already when built the architectural style of the Church of Oscar was under massive critic and in 1918, only 15 years after the consecration, the parish decided to make a major change of the church interior. Lars Israel Wahlman, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology and Sweden’s leading church architect at the time, was appointed to led this renovation. The most notable change was the 33 stained glass windows that replaced the old made out of plain glass. These stained glass windows were made by the Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland and pictures scenes from the Old and New Testaments. Viegeland got his inspiration for this work from the medieval glass paintings in French cathedrals and especially from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. The pulpit was also replaced by a new one, made out of limestone from Gotland, sculptured by Tore Strindberg after design by Wahlman.

A second major renovation was made in the mid 1950’s and was led by the architect Otar Hökerberg. This time the original vault paintings were removed and the ceiling got its present look. The latest major renovation were made in 1997 by the architect Jerk Al¬ton. The most notable change this time was that the burial chapel, built 1903, was transformed into a chapel for religious services with smaller attendance.

Tomorrow we take a closer look at the choir.

Source: Oscarskykan by Suzanne Lindhagen 2005

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