The main entery to Oscar’s Church

18 Aug

This is another view of the Church of Oscar, the main entrance from Narvavägen. Below the HDR you can read a summary of the church’s history.

The Church of Oscar at Östermalm, Stockholm, viewed from Narvavägen.

At the end of the 1800’s the population grew rapidly at Östermalm. The parish here, named Ladugardslandet, was the largest in Sweden and in urgent need of new churches. The parish bought a piece of land that previously belonged to the Fredrikshov Mansion. A competition for the design of the new church was announced and the winning entry was submitted by Gustav Hermansson. In 1897 the first stone of the church was laid by King Oscar II who also gave his name to the church. The construction was halted several times due to failed deliveries of building materials, strikes and problems with the construction of the foundation. But in September 1903 the church was consecrated.

The Church of Oscar is built in Neo-Gothic style. On request from the parish the tower was built slightly taller than originally planed and become 80 metres tall. The facade was built with natural stones and not as originally planed with a mixture of bricks and natural stones. In 1903 a small burial chapel was added near the church. Today this chapel is used for religious services with few attendants. The chapel is called Oscars Lillkyka, Oscar’s Small Church.

In 1906 Ladugårdsland’s parish was divided into three new parishes, Hedvig Eleonora, Engelbrekt, and Oscar and the new Church of Oscar become the main church in the new parish with the same name. Three major renovation has been made to the church since it was built. Neither of those have changed the exterior look but the interior have been radically changed. The interior will be tomorrow’s story!

Parallel with the construction of the Church of Oscar, Gustav Hermansson also built big church at Södermalm in Stockholm. This church was consecrated 1906 and was named after Oscar II’s wife Sophia. So with only three years apart Hermansson completed churches named after both the King and Queen of Sweden.

Source: Oscarskykan by Suzanne Lindhagen 2005

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