The pipe organ in the Engelbrekt church

13 Aug

On today’s picture from the Church of Engelbrekt you can see the church’s pipe organ. The organ, which is built by Grönlunds Orgelbyggeri in 1964, is one of largest of its kind in Sweden with 86 organ stops. But its predecessor, built by Åkerman & Lunds Orgelbyggeri, was even bigger. It was consecrated in 1929 and had 95 organ stops but was later gradually extended to 101 stops. This made the organ in the Engelbrekt church, together with the organ in Lund’s Cathedral, the largest pipe organ in Sweden. But the extensions also brought a lot of errors to the organ which prevented the organist to use his instrument to its full capacity. Therefore it was decided to replace the organ and the contract went to Grönlunds Orgelbyggeri. The present organ is the third in the church’s history. The first one was built by Setterquist & Son and had 40 organ stops.

Another impressive record that the Church of Engelbrekt still have is the hight of its vault. With a hight of 32 meters it’s the highest in Scandinavia.

The organ loft in the Church of Engelbrekt at Östermalm, Stockholm.

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