The Church of Engelbrekt

11 Aug

When Ladugårdsgärdet was broken out of the parish of Saint Jacob in 1672 it become the first parish in this part of Stockholm. For more than 200 years it remained the only parish at Östermalm but at the end of 1800’s the population had grown so much that the Church of Hedvig Eleonora was much to small to provide religious services for all of them. New churches were built and in 1906 the parish was split into three, Oscar to the east, Hedvig Eleonora in the middle, and Engelbrekt to the west. The first church built in the Engelbrekt parish, the Hjorthagen church, stood ready in 1909. This was a smaller church and a larger church was already planned and only 5 years later it stood ready on Kvarnberget in Lärkstaden. The church was to be named after the Swedish hero and freedom fighter Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson who led a rebellion against Eric of Pomerania in the early 1400’s. Eric of Pomerania was the first King of the Nordic Kalmar Union.

On the HDR-picture you can see a parish building adjacent to the Church of Engelbrekt.

A parish building adjacent to the Church of Engelbrekt at Östermalm, Stockholm.

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