The Church of Sophia

25 Jul

Now we reached the last destination of this walk through the churches of Stockholm Part I. Sofia kyrka is located at Vita Bergen, the White Mountains, 46 meters above sea level. She doesn’t have that long and dramatic history as her sisters of Södermalm, Maria Magdalena and Katarina, but she’s IMO one of the most beautiful churches of Stockholm exteriorly. The Sofia parish was formed in 1917 as a breakout of the neighbouring Katarina parish. But the Church of Sofia was already completed ten years earlier. At the end of the 1800’s the population of the eastern Södermalm has grown so much that the Church of Catherine was to small to accommodate all of them. A place of land at Vita Bergen was chosen and a architectural competition was announced for the design of the new church. Gustaf Hermansson won the competition with a design of a central church, for 1 200 worshipers, inspired by Rhinelandish Neo-Romanesque architecture. The idea of a central church was probably also inspired by its neighbour the Church of Catherine which were the first church of this kind in Sweden. Constructions of the new church begun in 1902 and was completed in 1907. The church is named after Sophia of Nassau Swedish Queen Consort and the wife of King Oscar II.

Sofia kyrka at Vita bergen, Södermalm, Stockholm.

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