S/S Blidösund

16 Jul

Today we look a little bit closer on the beautiful steamship S/S Blidösund that lays anchored at in the glassy water at Skeppsbron and enjoys the early sunrise on a wonderful summer morning.

The steamships S/S Blidösund and S/S Saltsjön anchored at Skeppsbrokajen, Stockholm, at the sunrise.

In the early 1900 Waxholm New Steamships Company had almost monopoly in the regular steamboat traffic in the Stockholm archipelago. This in combination with increased demand of from summer guests to venture further out in to the archipelago lead to steadily rising fairs. In 1910 the residents of the islands Blidö and Yxlan had grown tired of this and started a rivaling company, Blidösundsbolaget. The steamship S/S Blidösund was ordered from Eriksbergs Mechanical Workshop in Gothenburg and on the the 4th of March 1911 she made her maiden voyage from Gothenburg to Stockholm. The start of the Blidösund route was also the start of a fierce battle with the Waxholm Company which would become known as the Blidö war. The longer the steamboat war went on, the more Stockholmers chose Blidösund over Waxholm.
In 1960, after years of losses, S/S Blidösund was taken out of service. She was left to decay and was plundered of much of her equipment. But in 1969 the steamboat enthusiasts Leif Rasmusson and Eric Jägeborg bought S/S Blidösund. The repair work started imediatly and on the 19th of June 1969 S/S Blidösund once again took its old route to Blidö and was welcomed by a mass of cheering. Today S/S Blidösund is the only genuine coal-fired steamboat in the archipelago. She travels her original route Stockholm-Norrtälje every weekend during summer. She also offers special music tours with so called steamship music as well as excursions into the outer islands of the archipelago.

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