S/S Saltsjön

15 Jul

I saw the weather forecast for Stockholm, Thursday morning, and it looked to me that it would be perfect conditions for capturing some excellent pictures. I brewed some coffee, made som sandwiches as picnic and jumped into my car and drove the 80 km to Stockholm. I arrived just in time to capture a couple of blue hour shots before the sunrise. There where hardly no wind at all and then the sun begun to rise I knew it was more than worth the effort. It was a magic morning, perfect for capturing beautiful pictures. Who wants to sleep when such an opportunity shows up?

These two pictures were captured at Skepssgårdskajen. On the first one you can see the steamships S/S Saltsjön and S/S Blidösund and on the second one only S/S Saltsjön.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön catching the early sun at Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm. The steamship on the right side is S/S Blidösund.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön was built in 1925 by Eriksbergs Mechanical Workshop in Gothenburg for the Waxholms New Steamships company. She was mostly used on the routes Stockholm-Dalarö-Ornö-Utö and Stockholm-Öregrund. Since she also is ice-breaking, she also served the Stockholm-Vaxholm route in winter. In 1970 she was purchased by the Strömma Kanal company at an executive auction. The ship was given a well-needed renovation and a new name, S/S Björkfjärden.
In 1974 the engine suffered damage which left the ship unusable for three years until she was taken over by a group led by Torbjörn Svensson, which became Ångfartygs AB Saltsjön-Mälaren. In 1977-78 she underwent an extensive renovation of the steam engine and also a careful work of restoring the ship. In 1978, S/S Björkfärden could once again make her way out onto the waterways of the Stockholm archipelago, where she served the Stockholm-Björkö/Birka route from 1978 to 1983. In 1984-1993 she served the Stockholm – Vaxholm route, and in the spring of 1994 the ship regained her original name S/S Saltsjön. At the same time she returned to her original route Stockholm-Dalarö-Utö, as well as offering an exclusive series of expeditions in the Stockholm archipelago.

The steamship S/S Saltsjön catching the early sun at Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm.

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