Eskilstuna’s Town Hall

08 Jul

This HDR- picture of the Town Hall in Eskilstuna I captured a year ago. I was archiving my old raw files on my laptop and found some good stuff I haven’t shared yet. I guess I was not 100 % pleased with the result and wanted to shoot it again under better conditions. But this did not happen so I show it to you now. I post some of the oldies I found in the coming weeks.

The Town Hall in Eskilstuna viewed from Fristadstorget.

In 1890 August Stålberg, the chairman of the city council, came up with the idea that Eskilstuna needed a Town Hall. Five years later the blueprints of the Town Hall was approved. The new building, located in Fristaden, originally housed not only the town council but also the police office, the fire department, the local savings and loans, and the telegraph. The new Town Hall was inaugurated in 1897. In the 1910’s when the administration of the city council grew the other businesses had to leave the building. In the 1940’s the Town Hall was radically rebuilt. For instance the corner towers on the building was removed which I think is a great shame. I’ve seen old pictures of the Town Hall, how it looked in the beginning of the century, and it was much more beautiful with the towers!

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