22 Jun

My favorite time for shooting pictures is the hours before sunset, the Golden Hour. The low light beautifully iluminate and colors everything in its way in golden golors and tones. The sky has a very nice light blue color at this time and if there’s any clouds in the skay they are very beautiful too.

A view from Eskilstuna some hours before sunset. The obelisk standing in the fountain is called Profilen and the church in the background is Kloster kyrka.

This HDR-picture is captured at Nybroplan in Eskilstuna, the town where I was born and lived for 30 years. The obelisk in the fountain is called Profilen, the Profile, because every section of it is a relief of a human face in profile. The fountain also contains 6 bronze urns and several figures that symbolise the history of Eskilstuna. In the background you can see Kloster kyrka. Kloster kyrka is somtimes is nicknamed “Sweden’s last cathedral” since it’s the largest church built, in Nordic contries, in modern time. Despite its size and the two towers it’s not a cathedral. The cathedral of the diocese is located in Strängnäs.

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