ÖSlJ 5, Hamra

21 Jun

The steam locomotive ÖSlJ 5, Hamra, getting some care at Ångans dag in Mariefred 2011.

The steam locomotive ÖSlJ 5, Hamra, getting some care at Ångans dag (the Day of Steam) in Mariefred 2011.You can find out more about Hamra and the Day of Steam at my blog

ÖSlJ 5, Hamra, is the 4th of 22 Mallet-type steam locomotives built for 600mm narrow gauge railway by Orenstein & Koppel GmbH. The locomotive was ordered by the company AB Separator, now Alfa Laval AB, in 1902. From 1904 to 1946 the locomotive was in traffic at their railway between the factory in Tullinge and the pilot plant in Hamra. When the locomotive no longer was needed by AB Separator they sold it to Ahls kalkbruk (limestone mill) on the island Gotland. For ten years it ran on the limestone mill’s railway before it was taken out of service in very bad condition. The harsh conditions at the limestone mill had taken its toll on the locomotive and it was decided that it should be scrapped. But fate had other plans for the locomotive. The newly founded narrow gauge heritage railway, Östra Södermanlands Järnväg, had heard about this locomotive and was eager to save it for the world. In a deal with its owner they switched the locomotive in exchange for its own weight in scrap. With the help of founds donated by the locomotive’s original owner it was refurbished and in 1964 it was test ran again. Now it frequently runs the narrow gauge heritage railway between Mariefred, Läggesta and Näsby-Taxinge.

Facts: Weight 15 000 kg, Water tank 1 510 litre, Coal storage 460 kg, Effect 100 hp,

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