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Summertime the Steamship S/S Mariefred goes on a daily route, with exception of Mondays, between Stockholm and Mariefred. But on the Day of Steam, Mariefred was not only visited by one steamship but three. On the arrival S/S Mariefred was accompanied by S/S Ejdern and S/S Robert that made the trip from Södertälje. Read more about the ships below the pictures.

The steamship S/S Mariefred arriving at the pier in Mariefred on Ångans Dag (the Day of Steam).Read more about S/S Mariefred at my blog!

The steamships S/S Ejdern, S/S Mariefred and the steam powered tugboat S/S Robert at the pier in Mariefred on Ångans Dag (the Day of Steam).Read more about the steamships at my blog.

S/S Mariefred was built at “Södra Skeppsvarvet” (the South Shipyard) in Stockholm and made her maiden journey on the 14th of April 1903. At this time there were at least fifty other steamers on traffic in the lake Mälaren. S/S Mariefred has been maintaining its original route Stockholm – Mariefred since her first journey which makes it unique. Nowhere else in the world there’s a ship maintaining its original route for more than 100 years. Two times, in 1980 and 1994, S/S Mariefred been destroyed by fire but both times she has been restored with the help of voluntary work and public donations.

S/S Ejdern was built in 1880 at “Göteborgs Mekaniska Werkstad”, a shipyard in Gothenburg. Originally S/S Ejdern went in traffic in the Gothenburg archipelago but after moving between many different ports in central Sweden she ended up in Södertälje 1906. Having run the route Södertälje -Trosa for many years, S/S Ejdern was sold to Södertälje town in 1957. Then she was in very bad condition and it was decided that she should be sunk at Landsort. But instead of being sunk, S/S Ejdern was handed over to “The Association for saving old steamers” a group of volunteers that took care of S/S Ejdern and preserved her as a living museum. Thanks the hard work of these volunteers S/S Ejdern now steams Södertäljes waters every summer. S/S Ejdern is unique in one aspect, she’s the oldest coal fired propeller driven steamer, with original engine, in the world.

S/S Robert is a steam powered tugboat that was built in the shipyard at Bergsund in 1866. Having long period of service in Ådalen S/S Robert was sold to Södertälje where a large scale renovation begun. In 1993 S/S Robert was bought by three enthusiasts, Olle Mannert, Anders Westerberg and Tomas Blom whose purpose is to restore him to the original coal fired tugboat with a Scottish boiler and a compound steam engine.


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2 responses to “Steamships

  1. Claes Nygårdh

    February 5, 2012 at 17:15

    Trevliga bilder och strålande motivval 😉
    Om du skickar ett mail till mig så skickar jag en bild där men ser dig sittande på huk och ta den här bilden. (Det är jag som syns i bakkanten av övre däck på Ejdern (Maskinist ombord den dagen))

    MVH ///Claes

  2. Maria

    October 7, 2012 at 12:08

    Nice photo 🙂 I worked on s/s Robert that day. It’s me in the blue shirt (above the name “ROBERT”) and my best friend Anders. I usually work on s/s Ejdern. It was really hot that day but only 15°C in the water


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