Inside Saint Mary’s Cathedral

24 Apr

One of my absolute favourite photo subjects are the interior of churches and cathedrals. Here the HDR-technique really works to its full extent. The many beautiful architectural details and the colours and light from stained glass windows are perfectly exposed in HDR.

Saint Mary, Sankta Maria in Swedish, is in my opinion the most beautiful of Sweden’s 13 cathedrals or Domkyrkor as we say in Swedish. The oldest parts of the cathedral dates back the 12th century and it was originally built as a guest church for German merchants in Visby. But the church served as a parish church for both a German and a Gutnish parish. Later the both parishes where unitized and from 1533, when the church of Saint Hans was abandoned, Saint Mary becomes the only parish church in Visby. In 1572 Saint Mary becomes a cathedral when the diocese of Visby was founded.

Out of the many medieval churches of Visby, Saint Mary is the only one that still remains. Most other churches were burnt to the ground when Visby was invaded by Lübeck in 1525. But you can still see traces of the all around Visby as 13 more or less well preserved ruins.

The oldest parts of Saint Mary are built in Romanesque style but later additions and enlargements are mainly built in Gothic style.

This HDR-picture shows the main altar of the cathedral. When I shot this picture there was an ongoing art exhibition here, so you can see one or two paintings in this picture that you normally don’t see when you visit Saint Mary.

This is in my opinion the most beautiful of our 13 cathedrals (domkyrkor) in Sweden, the Cathedral of Saint Mary (Sankta Maria Domkyrka in Swedish) in Visby, Gotland.Out of the many churches that existed in medieval Visby only one remains in service, Saint Mary's Cathedral (13 other remains as church ruins).  Construction of the church, dedicated to Virgin Mary, begun in the late 1100’s on funds donated by German merchants. The church also known as “Our dear wife´s church” during medieval times was originally built as a guest church for German merchants but after a fire destroyed the German parish church of Saint Nicolai the church was inaugurated as a parish church for both the German and Gutnish parishes. After the church of Saint Hans was abandoned in 1533 the church of Saint Mary remained the only parish church of Visby. Many of the other churches were burnt down when Lübeck invaded Visby in 1525, but Saint Mary's was spared. When the Diocese of Visby was founded in 1572, Saint Mary becomes a cathedral.

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